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Established in Hong Kong since 2002, NUTech has been Credibly growing in state-of-the-art services in technology and multifunctional customer service through team driven scenarios. Professional team of consultants with know-hows on various technology provied relevant consultancy for a wide-range of business domains Read More...

Providing personalized services to SME and Enterprises with end-to-end e-business after goal-oriented partnerships.

  • Creative Websites Design
  • Mobile Apps design and Development
  • Purchase and Lease IT equipments
  • Business Process Analysis
  • Application and Software Development
  • Remote Working - Solutions
  • SEO Optimization Services
  • Company Brand Solutions
  • Digital Marketing

Staying tuned and Competitive in providing the best and latest technological and digital solutions to our customers

  • Learn your needs
  • Propose solutions
  • Provide competitive quotes
  • Design, Develop, Deploy Solutions
  • Maintain and Support consistently
  • Promote and Brand
  • See and Cherish while your grow

Globally network viral innovation without prospective resources. Quickly.Competently innovate turnkey channels after proactive methods of empowerment.

We Provide Best Services

Enthusiastically drive revolutionary opportunities before emerging leadership. Distinctively transform tactical methods of empowerment.

Web Site Development

Project your brand and promote your business in the information super-highway

Mobile Apps

Make your customers feel the ease of doing business with you in their finger-tips

Total SEO Solutions

Float your business to the top-tier in search engines

Purchase and Lease IT Equipment’s

Competent IT equipment’s purchase , Lease low-cost IT equipments with one-click and stay asset-thin

Technology Consulting in IT Needs

Consult and Complement with the best brains for consultation on your IT needs

Business Growth

We can guarantee an excellent experience and loading time for your success

Digital marketing

We take your results and Promote your business with power of online tools and grow your productivity.

Video Conferencing

We deliver ultimate video conferencing model in helping clients get connected with their audiences from anywhere-anytime

Manpower Consultancy

Progressively empower business "outside the box" thinking with resource-leveling partnerships

Increase More Traffic Your Business?

Digital is all invasive and can no longer be viewed as an enabler for doing business , but the very way of doing business.


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Our Work Process

We have pulled together a simple set of processes to streamline the work process and develop an efficient workflow that will help you power up your productivity.

Generate Ideas

The process of improvement always begins with an idea.The ideas are all around us.

Collect Contents

Systemise by setting expectations regarding deliverables upfront, providing helpful guidance along the way and employing best tools.

Create Design

Proactively unleash high standards in expertise exceptional services e-business networks.

Launch Project

Setup a focussed plan, build a team and create solid expectations, the next step is GO!

Testimonials What Clients Say

personalized services to SME and Enterprises with end-to-end e-business

Our Latest News

Enthusiastically drive revolutionary opportunities before emerging leadership. Distinctively transform tactical methods of empowerment via resource.


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